Bank of Georgia Presents Brand New Business MobileBank

Bank of Georgia continues to introduce innovative solutions to support businesses, this time launching its brand new Business MobileBank platform that enables businesses to manage their operations from anywhere, and much more besides.

The platform created to cater for customer needs, offers dozens of functions including: account management functionality; allowing customers to monitor their current account, as well as funds, deposits, liabilities and cards; and the option to process transfers in both GEL and USD from anywhere in Georgia.

Another noteworthy function of the Business MobileBank is its document verification function, which makes it possible to sign up to all types of transactions, and authorize payments from a single platform which significantly saves time for business managers.

In addition, the renewed Business MobileBank makes it possible to convert and check exchange rates to take advantage of the most desirable terms. The customer can also make adjustments through settings such as by choosing the extent to which they reveal their personal data, selecting the preferred design mode and finding the most convenient authentication process for them.

“We are pleased to be presenting our brand new Business MobileBank, which was specifically created to respond to our customer needs. The main purpose of the update is to simplify daily operations even more so that our customers can carry out their business activities with just the click of a button from any location. We actively strive to respond to all the challenges that businesses face in their daily activities and we believe that the new Business MobileBank will significantly improve on the effective management of a business,” stated Levan Kobakhidze, Director of the Digital Banking Department of Bank of Georgia

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